In which I am finally finished

Well here it is in all its mismatched glory, I seemed to be sewing it up forever but it’s finally done.  I went for all the different buttons with plants on that were a similar colour, it didn’t seem right to have matching ones on there.


And here it is with some stuffing in it and me being as photogenic as always and standing like a lump and not really wanting to have my picture taken…


Back to the socks then! (Otherwise known as putting off what I am really meant to be doing, i.e. making golden fruit for the tree, writing up a hat pattern that I have put off for so long that I have more or less forgotten what I did, finishing a bed jacket for my mum, doing the washing, getting children dressed…)


4 thoughts on “In which I am finally finished

  1. Wow Sarah, that really is a work of art! Well worth all the aggro of sewing in a thousand ends, and agonising over choice of buttons. Be proud! X

  2. Wow- you finished it! I think it is beautiful on you and I would wear it proudly. I believe it would be my all new favorite. Thanks for sharing.

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