In which I haven’t fallen into a black hole

IMG_4043No black holes, only that I got a job (a miraculous occurrence if you know anything about me and interviews) in October and haven’t been heard of since.

IMG_4044Time is precious, the last three months have wooshed by and there is little enough time to make things now, without stopping to write it down and take pictures.

I just about managed to finish the Christmas knitting. There were Vikings, Lego man gloves, Red Riding Hood/wolf costumes and I got them done in time, the people with birthdays in December and January were probably breathing a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to work out how to be polite about being given knitting again.

IMG_4047Now it is half term and I have almost found the bottom of the washing basket.

IMG_4048Christmas didn’t really count as a break because it had Christmas in it and was still busy although we managed not to have flu this year which is always nice.

IMG_4049We are decorating Small’s room at the moment, he wanted it red and orange.

IMG_4050We compromised, I said he could have one wall red and one wall orange if the rest were a very light colour.

IMG_4051At the last minute he decided to have red and blue instead and we found some blackboard paint which gave us an idea to make the blue wall more interesting.IMG_4053I think I’ve earned a cup of tea now.

2 thoughts on “In which I haven’t fallen into a black hole

  1. So pleased that you haven’t fallen into a black hole, & I thought with that opening statement that a black hole had appeared in your wall. But no, it’s a very creative space scene – one feels duty bound to ask, will there be a representation of the ESA craft going around the earth? Of course I realise that it could be on the dark side of the earth so not in sight, but you understand why I had to ask.
    In all fairness though, it is as always, with all that you guys do, a masterpiece & I hope small appreciates the work put in. Xx

    • Thanks! No, I think it’s finished now. I did wonder about adding a UFO though. It’s not really to scale and I’m not sure which planets some of them are meant to be…
      I’m not entirely sure he does at the moment, I’m assuming at some point in about twenty years time he will look back and realise that not everybody has parents quite like us!

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