In which thar be pirates

In order to break up the knitting a bit and because I haven’t done much painting for a while I thought I would show you a fun thing that we made about six months ago (before the rainy season when it was still possible to do things in the garden without floating away). There was a pirate sports day (?!) at school and the smalls were into playing pirates so we made them an enormous treasure map. I’m not sure where the enormous piece of paper came from but the boys took it into the garden with various unpleasant smelling brown liquids (mainly coffee), some cups for making rings and (against my better judgement) some blueberries for squishing and making interesting stains. We laid the paper out to dry in the sun (remember, that big yellow thing in the sky that you aren’t supposed to look at in case it notices and decides to hide behind a cloud?) and then found a nice map picture on Google to give us something to copy (I don’t know whose picture it is, it is on a few websites but if anyone objects to us using their picture then feel free to let us know).


Someone with a steadier hand than me drew the outline for the island and did the scale along the top and bottom (our kitchen table still bears the scars from the thick marker pen!), we used the bits we liked from the picture, left out some that we didn’t and added in a few extra bits, I had some help with the colouring in but not very much because the attention span of small pirates was not as large as the sheet of paper.


Click to embigificate

Here’s the finished thing along with quite a lot of pencil sharpenings and some random stuff in the kitchen. And here is the promised mug shot of the blue jumper on my father-in-law because the knitting is never far away. But he is not a pirate (as far as I know…).


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