In which the obsession exceeds all previous limits

I am sure normal people sit and watch Foyle’s War and think things like, ‘I wonder if he did the murder?’ or, ‘Is that the one that Sam marries? I can’t quite remember even though I’ve seen it before.’ or, ‘What else have I seen that actor in?’ or possibly even, ‘Ooh, he’s rather nice.’

I, on the other hand, was sitting there wondering whether the said gentleman was going to be shown in close up in a minute so that I could get a proper look at the pattern on his Fair Isle waistcoat…

In other news, the blue jumper is finished. It has been blocking on the dining room floor for the best part of a week, I think it is finally dry now. I will try to get a picture of the intended victim recipient in it to show you (if he is amenable). The second prototype hat is about two thirds done and seems to be going ok so hopefully I can put the pattern up next week some time if I get on with the rest of it.

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