In which there are more plants and too many buttons

Sorry for the lack of posts, the Easter holidays seem to be a week later in Wales than everywhere else so things are still a bit manic here. They’re all off building lego at the moment so I have snuck in here (after first enlisting the help of the chief photographer) to show you some stuff. The garden is being nice and gardeny, I like gardens, they do that – you ignore them for a few weeks and they just get on with it:

Click for bigger pictures of weeds etc.

The trees are blossoming, the parsnips are sprouting (although they do need weeding) and the onions seem to have survived being trampled on by Small and the Outlaws on the last day of term a couple of weeks ago.

I am plodding along with jumper number three (which is actually a cardigan) and the end is in sight. I ran out of blue with just one sleeve cap left to do which was incredibly frustrating and then having ordered some more and carried on with it, I spent the remaining rows worrying that I would run out of brown too. I didn’t. The knitting is all done, the button band didn’t take as long as I thought it might and it doesn’t look too wonky. I have got fewer than one fifth of all the ends left to sew in and then I can do the seams. Now I’m just having trouble choosing which buttons to use. What do you think? I couldn’t choose between the ones at the top with the tree or the next one which has sort of creeper stuff on it to go on here so I got both to see what they looked like in situ but then I also succumbed to a bag of a hundred random buttons which are mostly very pretty with the vague idea of making something interesting out of pretty buttons and now I have too many to choose from: All the same? Mismatched dark brown? Trees? Butterflies?IMG_0673

Too much choice. But don’t they look nice?IMG_0678

3 thoughts on “In which there are more plants and too many buttons

  1. Beautiful! If I were choosing, I would have a mix of the flowery/tree buttons. Don’t choose, mix. Well done you.

  2. I rather like the 4 at the bottom you have such a lot of colour in the cardi that personally I think the colours of the flowery ones would be lost. But that is just me.
    PS The cardi looks great.

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