In which there is a friendly beetle


This is Ruby, she is a cardinal beetle and has been keeping me and Tiny company in the garden today. Tiny has been busy in the sand pit (I took pity on her and replenished the sand even though it was her own fault that all the previous sand vanished down the cracks in the patio), Ruby has been busy avoiding being painted (she approves of the green) or squashed and trying to climb up my leg at every opportunity (even though I keep moving her out of the way) and I have been busy with the paints, I think I need to get the next lot a bit lighter though. I have done all the marking out and started filling in some of the shapes again.SL274241

If you live near me and it starts raining now then you know that it is a sub-optimal microclimate in the vicinity of my wall brought on by the application of Murphy’s Law and me wanting to get it finished. I apologise.

8 thoughts on “In which there is a friendly beetle

  1. It really does make the most of a plain wall – in fact, Banksie certainly doesn’t do as well! Please don’t let it rain until the wall is dry.

    • Thanks. I quite like Banksy but I think maybe he has different reasons for painting walls to me so it’s probably not a fair comparison…
      It’s definitely not raining at the moment, I’ve given up for now because the paint was drying out too much in the sun before I had finished working it. (That and it is tea time soon!)

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