In which there is a new pattern

It’s finished, this is the first time I have written up anything like this so be kind! If anybody spots any mistakes or needs anything clarified please let me know – (sarahATmartelldesignsDOTcoDOTuk) and I will update it or reword anything that is not clear.

The Gamekeeper’s Hat






The idea for the pattern started hatching when a friend was knitting a scarf using this stitch and she said she liked it because the front is the same as the back. I like hats with folded brims because then you can get them exactly the right height but sometimes if the inside is different and you fold it up too far or not enough then you can see where it changes texture and it looks a bit daft so I thought this would be a good stitch to use for a hat.

There is some waffle in the pattern about the gamekeeper in question so I won’t tell you all that again but he is amazing and here is a picture of him modelling a rather nice, warm, green jumper in the snow a year or two ago.

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