In which there is a stripy wee beastie

The wall is coming along, I should be able to show you a picture of it more or less done tomorrow, British Summer Time permitting.

Today the stripy jumper is done, I swear the child has grown six inches in the two weeks since I began it. It should be massive on her so that is still fits on 1st September when it gets cold and miserable (just in time for school going back) but instead it is only slightly oversized. Maybe the sunshine has been making her grow along with all the weeds in my vegetable bed. She seems to like it anyway and is refusing to take it off despite it being about 25°C at the moment and I get points for having made an entire jumper without buying any more wool…


4 thoughts on “In which there is a stripy wee beastie

    • Thank you. Don’t I know it – she’s off to nursery in September. She wouldn’t stop bouncing for me to take her picture!

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