In which there is the rest of the too much knitting

Having made a jumper for Tiny a few weeks ago I had to also make one for Small to keep things fair. He had his eye on the rest of the very blue wool given to me by a friend who was having a clear out so I made him this:


Sorry about the apple, it was just easier to take the photo with it! The pattern was quite fun to do, it is called Jens and is a free one but it is in Danish. Google translate didn’t do too bad a job on it and I could work out most of it with a bit of lateral thinking – cast off two stitches rather than close two stitches and things like that (it is knit bottom up, in the round and joined for the yoke if you are interested in that sort of thing). When he first saw it he said, ‘But I didn’t want green on it!’ but by the time it was finished he was so excited about it having a zip that he seems to have forgotten his aversion to green.

I was going to give the knitting a rest as my hands were getting a bit achey but this sort of fell off my needles over the weekend:


It’s a free pattern for another Sarah’s blog and it happened to suggest the same wool as I used for the mad cardigan so I’m doing pretty well at using up left over bits and pieces at the moment. I was going to put a picture up of her in bits as well but a man came to knock down the bathroom wall on Monday so I retreated into my cave and sewed her up without taking a photo of the parts. It’s going to be a stocking filler for Tiny which does seem stupidly early but I am mostly just putting off housework. Plus last year I was finishing a frog at about midnight not much before Christmas so I decided I would get a head start this year.

Now I’m off to crochet a robot. As you do.

14 thoughts on “In which there is the rest of the too much knitting

  1. So I don’t need to bring my sledge hammer tomorrow, then!
    How big is the rabbit, it’s hard for the non-knitters amonst us to get a sense of scale from the picture.

  2. I agree, very cute. Liking the Danish jumper too. What happened to the Happypotamus? There was one recently in the new knitting/ sewing shop in Grayshott in the window, & I thought of you. Or have I told you that?

    • Umm…can’t remember. Could have been Hubert but I have forgotten, it was a boys name beginning with H, Ann did tell me but it was more than half an hour ago so the information has fallen out of the other ear now.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that you all have to be a bit nutty to survive in your house, but you produce some wonderful things and we all love you nutty or not. xx

    • What do you mean nutty? Everything seems perfectly sane to me. I’m not nutty either, tho we do carry a health warning I believe.
      I liked Happypotamus, he seems to have gone from the shop, although I think the lovely Lady who owns it was making one herself.

  4. I reckon our health warning would say:
    Warning – May be prone to giggling (especially during the sermon)! 😀

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