In which there is woollies, decorating and long division

I am still putting off showing you stuff that I made for Christmas. It wouldn’t take very long but the thought of actually working out where the few photos are that I remembered to take and trying to think of something to write about them has sent me scurrying off to do the gloss paint which is what I was putting off the week before (the queen of procrastination, remember?). This week I have mostly been dangling over the bannisters with a paint brush (don’t tell my mother, she’ll have forty fits) like some sort of trapeze act with added mess. (It’s ok, Mum, I’ve done all the high bits now.)

Before the guilt about not writing anything and the decorating set in I finished this jumper and have mostly been wearing it ever since (except for the parts when I was painting). I have been very pleased to have it this week as it is lovely and warm. I should have taken a picture of it before I wore it though  – it is going bobbly already.


I nearly stuck to the pattern (also, chronic tweaker) – I added in a bit of shaping at the waist and a few short rows above and below the yoke to raise the back slightly and lower the front; it should be one of those that doesn’t have a front or back but I don’t like having a tickly neck. The yoke is a bit interesting, it’s got a few purl stitches thrown in here and there so it is a tad lumpy. I haven’t decided whether I like it yet or whether it just looks inside out but it is very warm so I think I’ll live with it.IMG_2762

I also seem to have produced a few body parts for another wee critter, this is as far as it’s got. It reminds me of the Griffle from Puddle Lane at the moment.


I have run out of decorating for the time being and the only reason I am writing this is that I am really supposed to be working out how to do long division. I have somehow survived thirty one  years and a month or so on this planet and a maths degree without ever knowing how to do long division properly and I should really work out how to do it before I try to explain it to someone else…

9 thoughts on “In which there is woollies, decorating and long division

  1. I’m glad you have finished all the high bits. I hope you didn’t splatter too much paint on any passing children or cats below you. x

  2. Subject number 1, the sweater – I bought one (sorry to swear like that) which is lovely & warm, but, the neck as you have found with yours, is wide at the back. Unfortunately as it is purchased & not made, I cannot adjust the neck so have to wear a scarf when going out. I made a yoke in the round last year & had to adjust it to actually come anywhere near the back of my neck! However, you pully is beautiful & so far no bobbles are evident to the electronic eye, well not mine but then my eyesight is not what it once was.
    As regards item 2, which was, erm, just scroll back, ah yes, further knitting. Do my failing eyes deceive me? Either that is a ball of yarn bottom left of photo, or it is a knocker lookie likie? Now I know I do a lot of talking on here, & in fact any where else, & I make lots of them, but if it is then I will follow with interest the making if the critter, as yet undetermined.
    Subject no.3, well if you must paint in the sky with a cup of tea to hand then you will get drips in it. I would do neither, not now & not with your high ceilings ever! But I am sure it looks lovely & you are relieved it is done (as no doubt your Ma is!). God bless, xx

    • Answer number 1 – mine was a bit too high at the front rather than wide, I’d prefer it a bit wider really but I couldn’t be bothered to undo the ribbing again, I already redid it once because I messed up the cast on!
      Answer number 2 – Nearly, crochet! Neither – it is a kobold’s (sort of like a goblin but blue) head which needs some parts attaching to it. A knocker goblin or a goblin with knockers could be funny but I’m not sure I can cope with all the comments it would generate…
      Answer number 3 – If I had my cup of tea up in the sky it might have survived unscathed, the problem was I was up the ladder and my tea was down on the stairs. Yes I am glad that bit is done.
      P.S. I can work out the answer just not the way I am meant to, I never got the hang of the traditional method. I am going to look up to see if anyone has invented an easier way once I finish putting it off. x

  3. P.S. I can do long division without a degree but apparently it is done differently now, or so I discovered when working at the local comprehensive! Someone decided to make it harder? Der!

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