In which we get down to brass tacks

I have been berated by several people for not having posted anything since February so here is one before it turns into April. Things happen and I think, ‘I should put that on the blog.’ and then real life takes over and I don’t. This month I have mostly been decorating the bathroom (it is within the realms of possibility that I may get to have a bath in my own house this year), being an emergency choir accompanist (that was hard, J.S. Bach is so much easier than Pharrell Williams) and just about managing to do all the normal things like drag my children up and down the hill three times a day.

We will be seeing the olds and the very-olds over Easter (shh, don’t tell them I call them that or I’ll be in big trouble next week! Hmm, oops, I think it’s too late anyway…) so I thought they would like to see this one before then. I finally got round to turning this:


into this:


The piano stool belonged to my great-grandma but the top she had made for it was worn out by so many bottoms and I was doing a new one to replace it. I’ve been making it for several years (Small was considerably smaller when I began it) and it stalled after I had done the interesting bit in the middle. In January I gritted my teeth and did the twenty or so rows of beige that were left and the border and then put off turning it into a finished thing for a bit. The best bit was when I eventually dug out the box of two thousand (minus a couple of hundred) 3mm brass nails that were left from something else (because it appears you can only buy small brass nails in boxes of two thousand) to put the bit of trim around the bottom and promptly tipped the entire box all over the floor with my usual style and panache. Tiny very graciously agreed to pick them all up and keep me company while I nailed the rest into the piano stool; her job took her nearly as long as mine did.

The tapestry is stretched around a piece of MDF which looks a bit boring inside so I lined the lid with some interesting paper which we got ages ago in Sheffield to do something with and didn’t. It is Roobarb and Custard doing funny things (with descriptions like ‘Running away’, ‘Sitting (worried)’ and ‘As if rolling up sleeves’) if you can’t make it out. You can click on it to embiggify it if it helps.


The other thing we have been doing is this:


There was a large box with only one flap that had lots of plumbing in it (thank you Mr. Screwfix) which was crying out to be made into a treasure chest. It is to put all the Octonauts in which no longer fit in the box that contained the world at Christmas (it is a globe, not really the whole world, there aren’t that many Octonauts) and is much more fun than buying another plastic tub.


Apologies for the second picture, it was taken by an unsupervised small Photographer C-class who doesn’t know about the flash but I never took a decent one of it in that state so I thought it would have to do. In case you were wondering, because I know you want to know, there are eighty-five rivets each made out of a scrumpled up sheet of loo roll. I counted.


It’s not quite finished yet, it needs a few finishing touches. Oh, and all of the inside still wants painting.


Good job there’s no school this week.


16 thoughts on “In which we get down to brass tacks

  1. What really makes me smile is that your Great Granny never did learn to play the piano but she used that piano stool, which probably came from her mother, to store her knitting patterns in. My lack of knitting skill was always something of a disappointment to her but she would have thought you were great! 🙂

  2. There is always something interesting to put your knitting patterns in, & what a great place to store them. Boo would have put all his engines & cars in there! Mötley, you have surpassed yourself again & I feel utterly awestruck! What a beautiful job you have made of GG’s stool, she would be proud indeed. As for the treasure chest, how do you come up with these things? Again, Boo would love that, he spent yesterday inside a very large box, with lid down, watching things on the iPad. I think it would have been funny if the cats had come in & jumped in there, but then I am weird like that! Well done indeed my dear! As for Ma not knitting, well, what can I say! But I don’t cross stitch so guess we balance each other out!

    • Thank you! It looked like a treasure chest to me to begin with, it just needed some bits stuck on. I think I watched too much of Neil Buchanan on Art Attack when I was a kid, he was always making things out of of loo roll and glue…
      Hee hee, I can imagine that, our small people have a thing for big boxes too. And I always think it’s funny when our cats go to jump on the top of the washing basket and then realise too late that someone has left the lid open!

  3. You should know by now it is a family trait (male thing) that a job worth doing properly must take up to 7 years to complete.
    The stool looks fantastic and I love the treasure chest.

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