In which we have the flu

Christmas this year was a bit interesting. I made it as far as tea time on Christmas day before the flu got the better of me and the Man in the Shed was not far behind. Some kind grandparents took the Smalls and we more or less slept until the 28th. The one advantage I can see to not having very much energy is lots of knitting time because you can’t do much else. The wool for this vest was a Christmas present and I thought it would last me until at least February…


This is the main bit of the body finished. It is knit in the round and has some steeks – where you knit some extra stitches in so you can cut through them later to make armholes and stuff like that.IMG_2704

I crocheted over the edges of the steeks to reinforce it before cutting – the grey lines are the crochet.IMG_2711

This is the vest after the steeks have been cut.IMG_2728

And this is it after doing the edgings and generally tidying up ends and things. The pattern if you are interested is Ivy League Vest by Eunny Jang and the yarn is Cascade Heritage in some nice colours. It’s quite pretty but next year I am getting a flu jab.