The oranges are up


The oranges are interesting. Either they dried out a bit more and stopped smelling so bad or I got used to the smell. I’ve put some across the windows where they are pretty colours when the sun is out and brown when it is dark (from inside) and just brown all the time from the outside. I put the left over ones on the tree and they look ok – if you can line them up with the fairy lights then they look like little bits of stained glass. The oranges, lemons and limes made the most even and round slices, the grapefruits were much harder to slice thinly and came out a bit thick and lumpy. The ruby grapefruits were good for a bit of colour but I probably wouldn’t bother with the ordinary grapefruits again and the limes look more brown than green. So on the whole it was an interesting experiment. Maybe they would look more Christmassy with some holly and mistletoe.



I am supposed to be tidying up but I had a request on the way to school this morning and I am a sucker for small people with knitting requests (and large people with knitting requests. And large people with strange requests for Christmas backdrops and collapsable trees, now I come to think of it). Small asked if I could please make him some of those flippy-top gloves that are sort of like gloves and sort of like mittens in red and orange and black and blue and with stripes but ones that go that way not ones that go that way. I said ok apart from the vertical stripes because I didn’t think that would work and how about some little squares and we did some hasty hand measuring in the playground. (Four of his fingers are as wide as three of mine.) So far I have this:


which is made up out of my head somehow, I’m not too fussed on the colours but then they aren’t my gloves. I didn’t know I knew how to make gloves and then I thought I had made rather a lot of them recently and I probably did so I guessed how many stitches to cast on and off I went! I decided I’d better stop there and make sure it fits before I do the flippy-top bit or start the second one and plus I am supposed to be cleaning or ironing or generally not knitting. I hope I don’t forget what I did before I make the second one…

In which there is a new pattern

It’s finished, this is the first time I have written up anything like this so be kind! If anybody spots any mistakes or needs anything clarified please let me know – (sarahATmartelldesignsDOTcoDOTuk) and I will update it or reword anything that is not clear.

The Gamekeeper’s Hat






The idea for the pattern started hatching when a friend was knitting a scarf using this stitch and she said she liked it because the front is the same as the back. I like hats with folded brims because then you can get them exactly the right height but sometimes if the inside is different and you fold it up too far or not enough then you can see where it changes texture and it looks a bit daft so I thought this would be a good stitch to use for a hat.

There is some waffle in the pattern about the gamekeeper in question so I won’t tell you all that again but he is amazing and here is a picture of him modelling a rather nice, warm, green jumper in the snow a year or two ago.

In which the post arrives

The prints are here, I’m pretty pleased with them. The internet pixie is working on revamping the shop in nearly every spare minute that he has and it is getting there, I’ll tell you once it goes live and you can see what you think.


He keeps nagging me to set up all the postage prices and write the waffle about the things but I’m not really sure what I want to say and just keep knitting hats instead… Maybe I should sell hats as well, then I would have an excuse for knitting all the time.

The pattern for the green hat is almost done, I just need to get a decent photo of it outside when it is not dark and raining (you can’t call a hat ‘The Gamekeeper’s Hat’ and then take a photo of it indoors, can you?) so I’m hoping to get the pattern on here at the weekend, photographer and daylight permitting.

In which a hat is finished

But not quite the same one that was started – after about six inches it was obviously going to be too loose, even the person in the house with the biggest head said it was a bit too big so I unravelled it and started again with smaller needles (two sizes smaller because the next size down were busy making a jumper) and consequently spent the whole of the rest of the hat worrying it was going to be too small. I also decided to add in some extra colours, the result of which is a really dense, cosy fabric (which is what I was aiming for because I hate having the wind whistling through my ears, it blows in one and comes straight out the other side, you know?)

It took me about three goes to cast on for the second attempt of the hat (mostly because of trying to watch an Agatha Christie at the same time), the first time it looked ok when I joined it but then I must have twisted it before the second row and after about an inch I realised I was making a Möbius hat, which whilst interesting is not very practical to wear, (I have seen a pattern for a Möbius sort of scarf or cowl thing somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out) so I started again, the second time I had an extra stitch somewhere which I should have been able to fix but because it was right near the bottom the casting on fell apart as well as the stitch that I undid.

Eventually it got going properly and I’m pretty pleased with the result, it is very slightly too pointy, the decreases at the very top need to go more quickly, it is better after I blocked it by letting it dry upside down on a football which the small people thought was hilarious.  I think somebody else quite likes it too, I may have to wrestle it from her…

Tiny with large hat

Tiny with large hat – never tell children to smile.

Now to write it down before I forget what I did!

In which some inventing commences

A little bit of a hatJust a quick post to show the start of a hat, if it turns out ok then I’m going to write up the pattern and put it on Ravelry to find out how that works.  I’m not sure about the size at the moment, it might need smaller needles, it’s really stretchy so far which is good for fitting different sized people but I’m not sure if it’s not going to be too loose. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Ooh, and we eventually thought of a better name for the blog after sitting for most of an afternoon reading the thesaurus, dictionary and a maths book about symmetry and then throwing ideas back and forth for several days. The logo/header/whatever-you-want-call-it is the first thing I have ‘painted’ on a finger painty app thing (I expect there’s a proper name for it but I don’t know what it is) which I pinched for the day.