In which there are an awful lot of ends

I think it’s time I properly introduced you to jumper number three (which is really a cardigan). At Christmas I had three jumpers to finish, number one (for a Christmas present, overdue), number two (nearly in time for the birthday after the one it was meant for) and jumper number three (which is really a cardigan).  Number three, or rather the wool for it, was my officially-being-middle-aged birthday present from the Man in the Shed.
(By the way, before this starts any debates about how old is middle aged you should know I intend to use my allocated three score years and ten and then die (from having eaten too many cream cakes and buttery things and generally not doing much exercise, except perhaps digging) before I get old and fall apart therefore I am now in my middle decade.)

IMG_0344It is the Ross cardigan which is from this book. I can’t remember how I came across this pattern but it is one where I just looked at it and thought, ‘Wow, I have to make that one!’  I have no idea why, whether it is the colours or the patterns or the shape or all of it together but I think it looks fantastic. My friend looked at the picture and said ‘Ew, no, that’s just weird.’ or something along those lines so it is probably just me having strange taste.  Maybe now would be a good time to explain about the patterns on it – there are two Fairisle patterns, the left front and the right sleeve have one and the right front, left sleeve and back have the other. Normally I am mildly (is that the right word?) obsessive about things being symmetrical, (only certain things, not everything). I would tell you the story here about me being two and a half and the health visitor and the symmetrical pattern but you have probably heard it before and if you haven’t heard it yet from either me or my mother then the chances are that you will at some point. But for some reason this one is ok, maybe it’s because the patterns themselves are symmetrical or maybe because it is deliberately asymmetrical rather than just being a bit crooked, I don’t know but I love the pattern.  

IMG_0346It does require some concentration though, I think I haven’t got round to showing you properly yet because I have been making it here and there between everything else – it is not very portable knitting. I’m almost done with the patterned bits – one sleeve left to do (if I can shake the nagging feeling that I’m going to run out of wool before I get there) but I think the button band might be a killer, (I’m not a big fan of button bands) and just look at all those ends! I am starting to wonder whether I will go insane sewing all of those in. Ok, more insane than I am now, is that better?