In which there is a really scary dragon

In which there is a really scary dragon

We’ve finished the cave, sorry the photos aren’t great – dragons don’t seem to sit still for long and Small chose the brightest green wool in the world for the wings which makes the lighting look a bit strange. The Chief Engineer and his apprentice were too busy playing yesterday to get their painting clothes on so I had a nice afternoon by myself and I’m afraid as I was unsupervised the green did creep up the sides a little, I think I’ve been forgiven though.


He did manage to find time in between playing to do the writing for the fire exit.
IMG_0124And the dragon looks a bit happier now that he has his wings on (and his ears).IMG_0126It is nice and cosy in the top of the volcanoIMG_0125and there is some treasure downstairs in the cave (heap of corrugated layers, newspaper, tinfoil and glitter glue).

Time for a cwtch.

In which the cave gets taller

In which the cave gets taller

The Chief Engineer and I have had a number of disagreements since yesterday, I have done the hinges which seem to meet with approval but after a detailed discussion about the ‘pointy bit’ I eventually worked out that maybe he meant something like Smoke Hill which is near the bend above Llaniog (in the top left hand corner of Wales).

IMG_0110So I made a pointy bit and he said it wasn’t tall enough. So I made a taller pointy bit and he said it wasn’t pointy enough but I said I wasn’t doing it again and Smoke Hill had a hole in the top like that. So he said it wasn’t pointy enough and he didn’t mean like Smoke Hill, he meant like the one in George and the Dragon which has a mouse. I haven’t seen George and the Dragon (or the mouse) so I said I wasn’t doing it again and that would have to do, the discussion was actually longer than this but it was pretty repetitive so I will spare you the details. He thinks I should make a pointy lid with hinges to go on the top but I think we will have run out of glue before we get that far.

IMG_0111Also I think the bottom bit should be green and the top bit should be brown (like Smoke Hill) but the Chief Engineer is adamant that it has to be brown all over although he did concede that I could paint some grass around the bottom.IMG_0114

And dragon heads are really difficult to photograph (please excuse any mud, I’ve been out making the most of the sunshine and doing some hoeing and turning over the compost) he looks very cute so far but I’m not sure the photo does him justice.IMG_0115


In which the obsession exceeds all previous limits

I am sure normal people sit and watch Foyle’s War and think things like, ‘I wonder if he did the murder?’ or, ‘Is that the one that Sam marries? I can’t quite remember even though I’ve seen it before.’ or, ‘What else have I seen that actor in?’ or possibly even, ‘Ooh, he’s rather nice.’

I, on the other hand, was sitting there wondering whether the said gentleman was going to be shown in close up in a minute so that I could get a proper look at the pattern on his Fair Isle waistcoat…

In other news, the blue jumper is finished. It has been blocking on the dining room floor for the best part of a week, I think it is finally dry now. I will try to get a picture of the intended victim recipient in it to show you (if he is amenable). The second prototype hat is about two thirds done and seems to be going ok so hopefully I can put the pattern up next week some time if I get on with the rest of it.

In which slow progress is made of one sort or another

I have ordered some prints, it is very slightly terrifying and I have spent the best part of a day trying to do what should have been a half hour job. I found out from my friend exactly which pictures and in which size she wants and went to upload the images to the printers only to realise that they wanted the files to have a CMYK colour profile instead of an RGB one. I don’t completely understand this but it’s something to do with the debate which crops up in our house from time to time where the one with the photographer’s head who thinks in light colours insists that red plus green makes yellow whereas the one with the painter’s head who thinks in paint colours is adamant that red plus green makes a brown sludgy mess.

Anyway, it took me most of yesterday afternoon and all of this morning trying to work out how to make my computer do this without buying Photoshop, there’s a utility thing that almost does it but I couldn’t get it to do quite what I wanted. It should be really simple – it’s just what each colour is called in numbers and there is more than one list to choose your numbers from, a bit like having a cross stitch chart with DMC numbers in the instructions but using anchor threads, the colours are almost the same so you just find the one that is closest and it will probably look ok. I eventually gave up and found some different printers who can cope with the files as they are. About five minutes later I was e-mailed back by the original ones to say actually an RGB file would most likely be fine but being the stubborn creature that I am I have ordered them from the second lot because they had better instructions and I didn’t spend a day trying to follow them unnecessarily. So now I am waiting nervously for the prints to arrive next week and hoping they will be the right colour and the right size and generally ok.

Also the jumper is gradually progressing, I am down from 288 stitches to just 78 which means it is taking me a lot less than five minutes to finish a row and the end is in sight…